Amazon Warehouse Jobs Japan


Sorting/warehouse work staff


Amazon Japan’s delivery stations are recruiting staff to receive packaged products and sort them by delivery route.
You will play a part in the important work of collaborating with colleagues to sort and deliver important products to customers.

*The following ① to ⑤ are the main duties and associated operations. (Work ratio ①~④90%, ⑤10%)
Responsible work will be determined each time depending on the site situation that day.

① Reception and unloading of packed products (hereinafter referred to as baggage)
Operation of moving baggage from roll boxes (hereinafter referred to as basket cart) to the conveyor Operation of picking
up and moving baggage from a place higher than the shoulders

② Operations for each delivery route Sorting luggage, reading barcodes, and attaching labels
by operating a handy scanner (dedicated terminal) (The text displayed on the terminal is only available in Japanese, and is approximately the size of “the text displayed in the standard settings of a smartphone”) )

③ Loading baggage into the sorting bag Loading baggage
into the upper sorting bag (at a place higher than shoulders)
Loading baggage into the lower sorting bag by crouching, bending, etc.

④ Sorting after loading baggage transporting bags and loading them onto carts.
Action to pull out the sorting bags placed on the mobile shelf of the cart

⑤ Activities related to the workplace environment (organizing, cleaning, replenishing supplies, etc.)

*This job basically involves fixed shift work, with breaks depending on the working hours. is set.
*You may be assigned other duties depending on your aptitude and experience.

As you gain experience, you will also be responsible for training new employees, inspecting and promoting standard work, etc.
There is also an opportunity to advance your career to a full-time position in the future.

■Workplace Environment
There are conveyors in the delivery base, so it is necessary to communicate amidst the noise of machinery.
At the delivery base, the entrance is always open as trucks are used to transport goods in and out.
Therefore, even if air-conditioning equipment is installed, there are some areas where temperature control is not possible.
Depending on the season, we take measures to prevent heat stroke (hydration and salt supplementation) and to protect against the cold (distribute body warmers).

For measures to prevent passive smoking in workplaces, please see the link below :

, we have implemented measures to protect all of our staff, and our customers.

Amazon is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. Amazon complies with equal employment opportunity laws.
We provide equal employment opportunities without discrimination based on race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, or other attributes.
If you have a disability, please see below.

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

Kawaguchi, 11, JPN


・High school graduate or 3 years or more of working experience, not students
・Able to speak, read and write Japanese, and understand work instructions and safety rules
・Work during company-defined working hours and days of the week・Able to
stand and walk during work hours ・
Able to handle heavy objects (lifting and moving)
・Able to comply with workplace safety rules
・Able to operate equipment comparable to a smartphone (uses a dedicated terminal for work) )


・Have experience teaching work to members as a trainer and be able to involve other members in carrying out work
・Be positive about contributing to an inclusive culture and working in a diverse group.

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