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Cloud Support Associate


Cloud Support Associate (CSA) provides technical support such as troubleshooting and general guidance for customers using AWS services. CSA supports multiple AWS services depending on the profile you belong to. Profiles are classified as follows:

· Computing (Linux/Windows)
· Networking, Security
· Storage & Contents Delivery Network
· Deployment
. Developer & Mobile Services (Serverless, Web Mobile, IoT)

During the Database, Analytics, and Big Data recruitment process, each candidate’s field of responsibility is determined by reviewing the candidate’s background and technical skills. After joining the company, you will have an on-boarding period where you can learn various technical fields.
※ There is a lot of interaction between teams, so you can handle other teams’ services for the purpose of improving technology.

· Acquisition and use of AWS’s cutting-edge technology
· Customer support through cases when issues arise
· Trouble shooting work to provide appropriate solutions tailored to the situation for individual customer needs
· Exchanges with top engineers around the world
·Collaborate with AWS’s development team, Technical Account Manager, and Solutions Architect to help solve customer problems
·Provide feedback to the in-house AWS team on AWS service improvements for customers
·Projects to improve support-related processes and customers’ technical support experience Promotion
· Submission of tutorials and technology-related articles to the AWS customer community
· Response to very complex and important customer issues across multiple AWS services

AWS Cloud Support Associates work with top engineers not only in Korea but also around the world to provide various cloud services provided by AWS. In order to provide technical support for services, we can intensively accumulate experience in various layers from network to OS and application levels. Additionally, freely using the AWS environment helps with various verifications and technology improvement. As a result, it is an attractive position where you can expect significant growth as a Full Stack Engineer.
In addition, a great advantage is that we can maintain a good work and life balance by operating a global follow-the-sun system that rotates work. While learning the latest AWS technology, there are also many opportunities to learn about advanced cloud practices through customer support because AWS is used by cutting-edge companies around the world. And as an engineer, you can feel the joy of contributing to the success of these customers.
AWS awaits you who will be directly involved in the great transformation of the IT industry called cloud and contribute to society!

Inclusive Team Culture
At AWS, we are committed to a culture that embraces and supports each other’s differences. We operate 10 affinity groups/flexible organizations serving nearly 40,000 employees in over 190 chapters worldwide. In addition, we provide regular and ongoing learning opportunities to employees, such as Conversation on Race and Ethnicity (CORE) and AmazeCon (Gender Diversity). This culture encourages team members to seek diverse perspectives, be constantly curious, learn, and earn trust within Amazon’s 16 leadership principles.

Work-Life Harmony
Amazon attaches great importance to work-life harmony. Rather than focusing on how much time to spend at home or work, individuals should be able to adjust their energy distribution at home and work to fit their personality and style. Maintaining the right balance between your personal and professional life is vital to your happiness and fulfillment. The company offers flexibility in working hours and encourages you to find your own balance between work and personal life.

Mentoring and Career Growth
Amazon is committed to supporting new employees. The team includes employees with diverse experiences and different years of experience, and we provide an environment where they share knowledge and mentor each other. The company cares about the growth of its employees’ careers, helping each team member develop into a more well-rounded professional through a variety of projects and take on more complex tasks in the future.

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

Seoul, KOR


– More than 1 year but less than 3 years of IT practical experience
– Basic knowledge of operating systems (Linux / Windows, or both)
– Basic network knowledge (DNS, TCP/IP, SSL, DHCP, Load Balancing, etc.)
– Flexibility to work weekend shifts
[one or more of the following work experience]
– Server Admin experience, kernel driver knowledge (either Linux/Windows or both)
– Design, construction, and operation of network infrastructure and L7 network devices
– ID management, encryption, auditing and management-related product work experience
– IT security-related work experience
– File system and storage service development and operation
– Video delivery infrastructure construction and operation
– Application construction, development, and operation
– IoT system construction, development, and operation
– RDBMS construction, operation management, Query analysis/improvement including query tuning
– Establishment and operation of data analysis base
– Establishment and operation of machine learning model
– Development experience using blockchain technology
– Excellent Korean communication skills (conversation and sentences)
– Multi-tasking ability


– Experience analyzing customers’ technical problems and providing solutions to them
– Communication skills in English (reading, writing)
– Amazon complies with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act for men and women. We provide equal employment opportunities without discrimination based on race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, or other attributes. If you have a disability, please see:

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