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Brand Specialist, Amazon Vendor Service/Amazon Vendor Service Brand Specialist


A brand specialist is a consultant who holds regular meetings with manufacturers in charge, identifies business issues, understands needs, makes improvements to those issues, and formulates and executes strategies and action plans to meet needs. It’s a job. We are also responsible for improving the convenience and satisfaction of our customers (end users), and while pursuing efficient operations, we purchase optimal products based on strategy. We make and implement various proposals such as analyzing inventory sufficiency rates and shipping availability rates, improving order quantities and timing, and supply chain improvements.

In addition, brand specialists regularly analyze customer purchasing behavior and performance such as purchase rates, clarify issues, formulate sales plans using the web, and plan and promote product sales promotion and advertising (branding). I will do it. Furthermore, we analyze data such as sales and number of customers from campaigns we have implemented, and propose and implement practical and effective action plans to the manufacturers in charge.

1. Setting and progress management of sales and profit targets for the manufacturers in charge: We set sales and profit targets for the manufacturers in charge, or make proposals, and manage the implementation process.
2. Establishing strong partnerships with manufacturers: Through regular weekly meetings and timely communication, we will establish and strengthen partnerships with manufacturers and demonstrate our position as the face of Amazon to manufacturers. Build.
3. Catalogs and content development, production, and management for manufacturers in charge: We will improve catalogs for products of manufacturers in charge, develop brand stores, and strive to maximize the brand value of manufacturers on Amazon.
4. Analyze sales data and market trends for manufacturers in charge, and plan, implement, and improve sales strategies based on the analysis: Analyze sales data and market trends, formulate sales strategies, implement them, and develop sales strategies as necessary. We will make improvements or suggest improvements accordingly.
5. Develop and execute marketing and merchandising strategies: Maximize traffic (number of visitors) and purchase conversion rate for assigned manufacturers. We work with manufacturers to formulate marketing and merchandising strategies aimed at achieving sales and profit targets, and execute marketing actions.
6. Collaboration with related internal and external departments: We work closely with related internal and external departments (division managers, internal purchasing and sales personnel, sales personnel, seller business personnel, designers, marketing departments, etc.) to improve efficiency and increase efficiency. We will carry out each of the above tasks with the aim of improving quality.

[Introduction of departments to which you will be assigned]

1: Life and leisure
toys, sports and outdoor goods, DIY and gardening goods, car goods and Life & Leisure is the department that sees a wide variety of stores, from products related to daily life, leisure and hobbies such as motorcycle supplies and furniture, to special products such as automobile and motorcycle bodies and industrial and research and development supplies. As the name Life & Leisure suggests, it is characterized by its many products that are closely related to customers’ daily lives and products that add fun and enrichment to their lives. At the same time, there are some products that are not yet familiar to online stores, and while there are many challenges, the best part is that there are many challenges.

2: Comprehensive home appliances
We have expanded our lineup of home appliances by deriving from our original hard-line business, including TVs, audio, mobile devices, kitchen appliances, large home appliances, cameras, computers, stationery, office supplies/furniture, and musical instruments. The sales scale of each store is large, and although it is the sector with the largest number of divisions and sales in the retail business, it is still a challenger within the market segment. It is also a market where technology is making great progress, and one of the things that makes it interesting is that we are able to take part in a variety of initiatives, such as recently helping customers build new lifestyles through smart home products that work with Amazon Echo.

3: Consumer
goods food/drinks, alcohol, drugstore/beauty, baby & maternity, and pet supplies/pet food are divided into business divisions. Because we handle consumer goods that are essential to daily life, our main feature is that we have a large number of customers and repeat customers. Unique initiatives of the Consumer Goods Division, such as “Regular discount delivery” that delivers convenience and benefits for consumer goods that are used on a daily basis, families raising children (Amazon Family), pet profiles, and easy consultation about recommended wine (Amazon Sommelier). We also do

4: Fashion
Amazon Fashion handles four categories: Clothing & Fashion Accessories, Shoes, Bags/Wallets, Watches, and Jewelry, and is noted as one of the fastest growing departments within the company. Due to the nature of fashion as a product, many customers are not accustomed to purchasing products from online stores, but Amazon Fashion offers three things: stocking a wide variety of items, selling at reasonable prices, and emphasizing free returns and return shipping. By valuing our products, we are promoting a new experience where customers can try on products at home, even when shopping online.

5. Entertainment media
The Entertainment Media Division handles products such as DVDs, CDs, Software, and Games. Currently, we are working on the issue of “how to lead the market in an era where hardware and digital are fused.” Although the popularity of hardware products remains strong, as the commercial distribution system undergoes dynamic changes such as streaming distribution of video and music and downloadable software becoming the mainstream for games, what kind of purchasing experience will be the best practice for customers? What is needed is leadership that can discern what is true and put it into action.

6: Books
The Books division is Amazon’s oldest division. Amazon started out selling books and has grown rapidly to where it is today. Our business division aims to deliver hard products (paper books) that are in strong demand and “deliver books from all eras, in all languages, and in all formats, anywhere in the world within 60 seconds.” Our goal is to create the optimal purchasing experience for each customer by combining the digital products (e-books/Kindle) listed above.

*The assignment will be determined based on your experience and suitability confirmed in the interview.

[Amazon’s Culture]
Regarding initiatives for diversity and work-life balance
At Amazon, we believe that valuing quality private time, such as spending time with family and immersing yourself in hobbies, is extremely important in order to remain innovative. I think so. We have created an environment in which employees can freely choose work schedules to suit various life stage events such as childbirth, childcare, and nursing care, and many employees are working actively while taking advantage of this system.
(Example: flextime system, work-from-home system, maternity leave/childcare leave, reduced working hours system, etc.)

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