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Manager, FBA Support Operation


Amazon is recruiting core members to support its ever-expanding Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) operations.

[About FBA]
FBA is a service for sellers that combines Amazon Japan’s logistics network and web services. Sellers can simply deliver the products they want to sell to Amazon’s fulfillment center (FC) and outsource tasks such as product management, ordering, shipping, payment collection, and customer service to Amazon. In addition, sellers can take advantage of Amazon Japan’s logistics and system infrastructure and enjoy various benefits such as improved delivery speed and increased sales. FBA allows sellers, including small and medium-sized businesses that do not have their own shipping capabilities, to easily start e-commerce.

[About this position]
This is a manager position for the FBA Support Operation (Support Ops) team. The role of FBA Support Ops is to help sellers make the most of FBA. In addition to providing high-quality responses to daily inquiries, managers are expected to improve the work flow they are responsible for and create a flexible system that can respond to changes in the workload. Many of the tasks require collaboration with other teams, and you are required to work with FC, supply chain, customer service, and global teams to derive optimal solutions that take into account logistics and systems.

Key job responsibilitiesThis
position will be responsible for managing a team of approximately 10-15 people, as well as the following:

1. Solving problems for sellers: We efficiently handle problems that occur on a daily basis, such as problems when products arrive at FC. We will also analyze the cause of the occurrence based on data and implement measures to prevent recurrence.

2. Planning: Calculate the future problem occurrence rate based on demand forecasts for incoming and outgoing quantities, create a plan to secure the necessary resources for processing and response, and negotiate with the global team.

3. Improving work efficiency: Collect and analyze data necessary for work by yourself. Aim to improve efficiency by promoting improvement operations such as automation of operations.

4. Building appropriate cooperative relationships with related departments: We will work together with various related departments, including those overseas, such as seller service, FC import/shipping staff, related systems staff, customer service, etc., and work together on improvement operations.

5. Management of related KPIs: Be responsible for KPIs and report to leadership on a weekly/monthly basis.

are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

Tokyo, 13, JPN | Toyokawa, 23, JPN


1. Language skills: Japanese (Native level), English (Business level)

2. Data analysis: Write SQL yourself, extract the necessary data from the database, analyze problems, and propose improvements based on the data. 3. Communication skills: Those who are willing to build relationships of trust with

teammates and business partners across departments and grow together. 4.

Team management skills: Those who have multiple subordinates and have experience in development. 5.

Project management skills: Those who can drive projects themselves and produce results.


1. Those who have business knowledge and experience related to general SCM such as procurement and manufacturing, or quality control, etc.2.

Those who have experience in customer center, business management, etc.Please

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