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Delivery Station Liaison (DSL) for Customer Service


Role: Delivery Station Liaison (DSL) for Customer Service

Type: Full-time 40 hours, Temporary
Location: On-site

Amazon’s mission is to be the most customer-focused company in the world: the Customer Service team is at the forefront on this front. If you enjoy connecting with people and providing excellent customer service, this is the role for you. To guarantee you the best training, Amazon offers you interactive online training solutions. The training will include both individual and group activities, allowing you to learn together with your team and develop new skills.

What will you do as a customer service representative?
The Delivery Station Liaison provides localized customer service on-site within the Delivery Station to enable effective real-time investigation into the location of a package and how Amazon can get it to the customer as quickly as possible. It also allows customers to contact local experts so they can get more accurate and up-to-date information about their orders and how Amazon is resolving any delivery issues.

The job requires excellent planning skills and a strong inclination to achieve objectives. Excellent individual analysis and problem-solving skills are required in order to offer timely solutions and timely delivery of orders. The Delivery Station Liaison will work under limited supervision and guidance from the Manager, therefore, almost all decisions will be made independently and require a high degree of precision.
You will also be responsible for:

  • Communicate with internal and external customers regarding delivery methods.
  • Resolve conflicts to provide the best solution for the customer.
  • Identify the most appropriate solution to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Work independently, make complex analytical decisions with little or no assistance.
  • Manage verbal and written contacts.
  • Facilitate connection with third-party couriers
  • Effectively represent customer needs and discuss same-day turnaround options

What will your working hours be?
This role requires flexible working hours to accommodate when customers need us most. You will work daily shifts and your working week will be 40 hours.
To meet the demand of our customers, work shifts are distributed from Monday to Sunday.
You may be required to work on public holidays, which will be paid as expected.



  • Good knowledge of the English language (Level B1 CEFR) both oral and written
  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • High school diploma
  • Meet the requirements to work in Italy
  • Experience working with a computer (Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Outlook, Word and Excel)
  • Availability to work flexible shifts from Monday to Sunday

Preferred requirements:

  • Comfortable working in a diverse group and contributing to an inclusive culture
  • Previous experience in Customer Service    


  • Ability to interact effectively with support services and all other departments
  • Ability to adapt quickly to change and have the right sense of urgency in managing customer requests
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with a strong aptitude for problem solving and the independent search for solutions

Key benefits offered by the company:
One of the great benefits of joining Amazon’s customer service team is that you don’t need past customer service experience.
You will receive adequate training and will be provided with all the work equipment. Additionally, we offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Employee discount
  • Food stamps

If this role sounds like a good fit for you, click the link below to start the application process!
It will take 1 to 2 hours to complete the application, including assessment tests for suitability for the role. We recommend using a computer to get the best experience. You will have the option to save your application at each stage of the application process and return to it if necessary, but we strongly recommend that you complete the process in one go where possible.

If successful, we will contact you for next steps

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