Encoder Jobs in Philippines

Consistent Frozen Solutions

Warehouse Encoder

Compiles, sorts and processes data extracted from Netsuite to create storage withdrawal requests and generate a consolidated report in support for the daily outbound operations.

Key Responsibilities

Data Consolidation (10 am and 2 pm cut off ordering schedules)

  • Extract data from the system (Netsuite)
  • Check availability of items
  • Report to agents for shortages in order
  • Revise orders confirmed by agents
  • Produce storage Withdrawal Request
  • Coordinate request to storage supervisor
  • Generate Truck by Client (TBC) report
  • Review
  • Check for data errors or duplicates
  • Check Slack messages for any cancellations
  • Make all the necessary changes based on Slack messages
  • Provide operations hard copy (TBC) for the guidance in sorting per truck
  • Post data in Google sheets (Outbound worksheet) for data reconciliation.
  • Filing of reports.

Invoicing (Back up)

  • Collect data from operations (Breakdown and finished TBC)
  • Review reference numbers for items to be invoiced.
  • Printing of invoices
  • Routing of Invoices


  • Encoding of daily transactions (Transfer slips/Inbound data)
  • Issuance of COMI (Certificate of Meat Inspection).
  • Encoding and filling of overtime of warehouse department to be submitted to HR.
  • Transmitting of DR, Return Slip, Transfer Slip, and Receiving Slip to another department.
  • Monitoring and updating of manual DR’s.
  • Requesting weekly supplies to Admin Dept.
  • Issuance of provisional receipt and receiving of cash payment.
  • Transmitting cash payment to the collection department.


Skills & Qualities

Soft Skills

  • Teamwork
  • Good Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Analytical

Technical Skills

  • Knowledge in Microsoft Office
  • Knowledge in Netsuite

Core Values

  • Malasakit sa Customer, Employee at Company
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Winning as a Team
  • Direct and Open Communication
  • Data-Driven

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