Job Vacancies in Romania for Foreigners


Currency Engineer


  • Elaboration of construction quotations for projects under development or in tender, in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the clients
  • Analyzing construction plans, technical documents and other materials to identify cost requirements and assess required resources
  • Accurate calculation of construction costs, including materials, labor, utilities, equipment and others
  • Periodic verification and updating of estimates during the development of projects to reflect changes and additions to the project
  • Participating in presentation and discussion meetings with clients and suppliers to clarify requirements and provide additional explanations regarding quotations
  • Monitoring and managing costs during the execution of the project, reporting any deviations and offering solutions to keep the project on budget
  • Maintaining accurate records adatethem and the documents related to the construction budgets


  • Diploma in civil construction engineering or similar field.
  • Previous experience in the preparation of construction budgets in the construction industry.
  • Solid knowledge of construction materials, construction techniques and procedures related to estimation and quotations.
  • Excellent analytical, mathematical calculation and management skillsdatelor.
  • Effective communication skills and the ability to work in a team.
  • Knowledge of relevant computer programs for estimation and quotations (ex. Excel, estimation software).
  • Proactive attitude, attention to details and decision-making ability.

With a history of over 25 years, Electrogrup provides complete energy infrastructure solutions, telecommunications and industrial and civil constructions, nationally and internationally. The company is part of the E-INFRA group, leader on the integrated infrastructure services market in Romania, which includes 5 companies with over 800 employees.Electrogrup is a general contractor in complex construction projects in Romania and abroad.

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