Safety Officer Jobs in Dubai


Professional Safety Officer

Job Details:

1. Prepare safety manuals and procedures.
2. Safety planning and operations work Occupational health and environment must be in accordance with the law.
3. Prepare a plan and organize annual training, including various safety activities. Occupational health and environment
4. Safety committee meeting
5. Control and monitor, improve and evaluate work performance according to safety standards and working environment.
6. Prepare an emergency plan/firefighting training and basic firefighting drills.
7. Arrange for annual monitoring of the working environment, light, noise, dust, chemicals.
8. Carry out inspections. Analyze work accident data and find ways to prevent it.
9. Organize safety training for both new and old employees.
10. Control and inspect the CCTV system and the work of security guards, including the company’s safety protection equipment.
11. First aid
12. Preparation of control and documentation of chemicals including waste.
13.Support human resources and coordinate with various departments.

Job Experience:

Educational qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Health and Environment
At least 1-3 years of experience working in the food industry,
Has good communication skills both inside and outside the organization.
Have a good attitude to work well
Have a good personality and have good human relations Creative, diligent, enthusiastic,
able to analyze problems. and has good resourcefulness in solving problems
Able to work well under pressure.About Company:
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Job Category: Office
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Dubai

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